Unprecedented storm ravages eastern Libya with Derna facing the worst devastation

An unprecedented Mediterranean storm has unleashed floods that engulfed large parts of eastern Libya, leading to an astonishing devastation of a quarter of the coastal city of Derna. Initial reports suggest that thousands have perished while over 10,000 remain unaccounted for, according to sources from Reuters. Senior medical personnel in Derna have confirmed a death toll surpassing 2,000. Meanwhile, local television in eastern Libya paints an even grimmer picture, with estimates soaring beyond 5,000 casualties.

In the midst of the tragedy, the international community has begun to mobilize aid efforts. The United Arab Emirates promptly dispatched two aircrafts, delivering a staggering 150 tonnes of crucial medical supplies, food, and relief materials. These planes touched down at Benina Airport, marking the first wave of urgent assistance to flood-ravaged Libya. These relief operations, coordinated by the UAE, are part of an “air bridge” initiative, designed to rapidly channel aid to those worst affected by the calamity.

Furthermore, this initiative underscores the UAE’s continuous commitment to international humanitarian efforts, reflecting their long-standing ethos of aiding communities in distress across the globe. As Libya grapples with this unparalleled crisis, further assistance from the international community will be paramount in the challenging days ahead. The immediate focus remains on search and rescue operations, medical assistance, and ensuring survivors receive adequate sustenance.